“My humanity
is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”


–Desmond Tutu



Are we hearing the cry for justice, wholeness, community -- for good news? Let's talk by phone, meet between speaking sessions, exchange introductions, and respond to the cry through principals of a listening people as well as listening prayer. 


There’s a box? What box? We facilitate community development trainings, interactive talks, team conversations, and space to dream about what is and what could be to connect relationships and resources.


Is your team seeking spiritual direction, pastoral teaching, or missional guidance? We'd be honored to meet about contextualizing nuanced principals in your neighborhood, transitions, building diverse teams, 
sustaining partnerships, social entrepreneurship, and more.


Are you looking for inspiration or challenge? We're open to speak through the power of shared story with principles rooted in dignity, listening, cultural humility, re-neighboring, and the empowerment of marginalized communities.



Nate & Melissa

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With over 18 years of pastoral and non-profit leadership experience, we’re joining God’s redemptive motion in the world as creative bridge builders, listeners, learners, guides and most importantly, as neighbors. We’re passionate about learning to live what Bonhoeffer called a “non-religious Christianity” as a rooted faith that embodies dignity, empowerment, and re-neighboring society with the poor and privileged, the weary and worn, the socialized, ostracized, and marginalized.

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An interactive journal for loving your neighborhood well
“It offers no simple formulas. Rather, it is an invitation to journey alongside one inquisitive and courageous pioneer who is learning valuable insights as he travels.”
– Robert Lupton, Author of Toxic Charity