The Trap Does More Than Say "Aye"

Updated: May 27, 2018

Photo Credit: Ray Neutron via DJBooth
"I’ve seen this story happen over and over again. Redemption for those society rejects. While everyone is quick to dismiss God going to work in the lowliest of places, consider Jesus himself was from a little backwater town in a Roman province. I’ve seen those dope boys turn into basketball coaches at the local high school. I’ve seen single mothers work three jobs to send their kids to college. I’ve seen the programs that provide summer jobs for teens. I was a part of a program like that myself. There’s a whole other side to the trap that doesn't get exposed. Most of our grandmothers still live in the trap, cooking for everyone, and making sure someone's uncle who is going through a rough patch has a bedroom in back. Families struggling to make ends meet, but everyone knows everyone. There’s dignity in there. Sure, I’ve let a couple of junkies cut my grass for the low, but I treated them like people, not zombies. You can’t pigeonhole our communities. Everyone in the Trap ain’t trappin'." -

DJBooth // The Trap Does More Than Say "Aye"A Guest Editorial by Lecrae

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