The 10 Toughest Questions We Get Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

Bill: On one level, I think the answer is obviously no. The idea that children shouldn’t die of malaria or be malnourished is not just our value. It’s a human value. Parents in every culture want their children to survive and thrive.

Sometimes, though, the person asking this question is raising a deeper issue. It’s not so much a question about what we do, but how we do it. Do we really understand people’s needs? Are we working with people on the ground?

Melinda: We’re acutely aware that some development programs in the past were led by people who assumed they knew better than the people they were trying to help.

We’ve learned over the years that listening and understanding people’s needs from their perspective is not only more respectful—it’s also more effective.

"The 10 Toughest Questions We Get" by Bill & Melinda Gates

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