Oscar Romero, 1979

This an illustration of Bishop Oscar Romero, a bishop in El Salvador who was outspoken against the government's harsh oppression of the people. Copyright © Saint Mary's Press. This image may be saved, printed or downloaded for personal and educational (non-commercial) use. All other uses require written permission from the publisher.

“If some day they take the radio station away from us, If they close down the newspaper, If they don’t let us speak, If they kill the priests and the bishop too, And you are left, a people without priests,

Each one of you must be God’s microphone, Each one of you must be a messenger, A prophet.

The church will always exist, As long as there is one baptized person. And that one baptized person who is left in the world Is responsible before the world for holding aloft The banner of the Lord’s truth And his divine justice.”  July 8, 1979 Oscar Romero, The Violence of Love, pg. 142 #livingchurch #community #justice


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