Inside the memorial to victims of lynching

"There is a reckoning taking place in America over how we remember our history. Much of the focus has been on whether or not to take down monuments that celebrate the Confederacy. But this story is about a new monument going up in Montgomery, Alabama. It documents the lynchings of thousands of African-American men, women and children during a 70 year period following the Civil War."

Contributor Oprah Winfrey with Bryan Stevenson CBS NEWS

Bryan Stevenson: "This wasn't done by the Klan, or people who had to wear a mask. This was done by teachers and clergy and law enforcement officers."

Oprah Winfrey: "And people you had to deal with every day."

Bryan Stevenson: "Every day."


Oprah Winfrey: "What about everyone who says, and there are black and white people say it, enough already, of all that. That happened. That's the past. Let's move forward."

Bryan Stevenson: "I don't think we get to pretend that this stuff didn't happen. I don't think you can just play it off. This is like a disease. You have to treat it."

Quotes via CBS News (60 Minutes)

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