Declining Baptist church in Silicon Valley chooses to ‘die with dignity’

I believe faith communities live (or die) on a vision shaped to holistically love a particular place, or by embracing a generational kairos moment that spurs on a collective will for a season of time. Sometimes an organizational life cycle comes to an end. A vision serves a purpose for a period of time. Sometimes accepting the change or death of an "old wine skin" can give room to reimagine a new container to receive fresh wine. A few quotes stand out from the following article as a church discerned its present-future with intentionality, dignity, and generosity: "The Palo Alto Weekly reported Oct. 25 that First Baptist Church, one of the city’s oldest churches, is considering a number of offers to sell its building and compiling a list of recipients for legacy gifts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 that include the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America."

“We are not on life-support,” Mixon said. “We could go on for a bit longer and continue to die by attrition, a sort of natural but perhaps unseemly death. Instead, collectively we made a decision to end now while we still have people and power to make timely and responsible decisions about our community and its resources.”

peace, Nate


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