CQ is the new IQ: Four tips to boost your cultural intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is essential for anyone in any line of work and especially as local residents and neighbors in a global world. The following article is an introduction to CQ.

4 Factors of Cultural Intelligence:

Metacognitive: The mental ability to learn cultural information.

Cognitive: Actually gaining knowledge about cultures’ similarities and differences. Motivation: Having an interest in cultural exchange and confidence in your ability to function interculturally.

Behavioral: Ability to adapt while in intercultural interactions.

David Livermore's 4 CQ Guidelines:

  1. Begin with positive intent. Your first response to someone else’s behavior should not be to assume they are being rude—and also keep in mind that others may misconstrue own your behavior.

  2. Seek more information. Most behavior makes sense once explained.

  3. Prepare. Consider frustrating situations you’ve encountered before and decide in advance how you’ll handle awkwardness graciously.

  4. Be yourself, but adapt. You likely dress, speak, and behave differently in various familiar settings. For example, think about how you present yourself at work as opposed to how you act when you’re with friends. Be similarly willing to shift in intercultural encounters.


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